Mayor of North Wales

Employer / Organization

Borough of North Wales

Next Election

Nov 02, 2021

Filing Window

Feb 09, 2021 - Aug 01, 2021


The Mayor preserves the public peace within the Borough, presides over the organization of the council, casts a tie or split breaking vote within the council, performs marriage ceremonies, requests aid from law enforcement officers and agencies, declares a state of emergency as needed, and administers oaths. In addition, the mayor has full charge and control of the police chief and police force.

Application Guidelines
To file for this position follow these three simple steps: 1) Contact the governing authority of the office being sought within your official residence to verify that you qualify for the position, and to see if there are any other requirements that might prevent you from running (residency within the district for a certain period of time is frequently a requirement). 2) Obtain the appropriate filing papers from the Montgomery County Election Board office when they become available there in late January. You can contact the County Board of Elections office at 610-278-3280. 3) Submit the candidacy papers within the 13-10 week filing window prior to the Primary Election if you are filing as a Democrat or Republican and within the 10th week before the Primary to August 1 before the General Election if you are filing as an Independent. Prior to submitting your candidacy papers, you should arrange an appointment with the governing authority of the office being sought to go over the required paperwork. These authorities understand that first time/beginning candidates may need assistance and are available to assist with any questions.

Submit application to:
North Wales Borough, 300 School St, North Wales, PA, 19454, US