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May 14, 2022

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Dec 01, 2021 - Mar 01, 2022


The Nebraska Auditor of Public Accounts is a state executive position in the Nebraska state government. The mission of the office is "to provide independent, accurate, and timely audits, reviews, or investigations of the financial operations of Nebraska State and local governments. The major duties of the auditor of public accounts include: Constitutional authority to audit all State fiscal activity; Conduct audits of all State agencies, officers, boards, bureaus, and commissions; Conduct annual audits of certain political subdivisions, educational service units, and federal funds by contract; Establish uniform budgeting for all political subdivisions; Central filing for Nebraska school, municipal, and public bonds; Set audit standards for all auditors conducting audits for State agencies and political subdivisions; Provide audit guidelines for all auditors of political subdivisions; Conduct investigations of reports of alleged government waste, fraud, and mismanagement; Conduct performance audits of political subdivisions receiving more than $25,000 from the State during the audit year; and Report to the Legislature any potential problems relating to the effectiveness, efficiency, or performance of State programs discovered in the course of conducting government audits. The salary for this position is $85,000/year.

Application Guidelines
1) Contact the Nebraska Secretary of State Elections Division to confirm that your registered address qualifies you for the position you intend to run for, and that you meet other office specific qualifications. Obtain the required filing forms. 2) Complete the required filing forms and submit the filing forms to the Nebraska Secretary of State Elections Division. The required forms include a “Candidate Filing Form,” a filing fee and campaign finance and accountability forms. State Senate candidates are by law nonpartisan, therefore all candidates running for a State Senate position are considered nonpartisan candidates regardless of their party affiliation. For U.S. House of representative positions, independent candidates must acquire a stipulated amount of petition signatures. 3) For State Senate and partisan U.S. House of Representative candidates, filing forms for non-incumbent candidates are due March 1st of the election year (if March 1st falls on a weekend, the deadline will be the following business day). Independent U.S. House of Representative candidates must file their petitions with the Nebraska Secretary of State Elections Division by September 1st of the election year. State Senate and partisan U.S. House of Representative candidates will participate in the May primary which is held the second Tuesday after the first Monday in May. If you have any questions or concerns you are encouraged to contact the Nebraska Secretary of State Elections Division at (402) 471-2555 or visit the Nebraska Secretary of State Elections Division website:

Submit application to:
Nebraska Secretary of State, P.O. Box 94608, Lincoln, NE, 68509, US