Orange County Mayor

Employer / Organization

Orange County

Next Election

Nov 08, 2022

Filing Window

Jun 23, 2022 - Jun 27, 2022


The Orange County mayor shall have the following powers and duties: Manage the operation of all elements of County Government under the jurisdiction of the board, consistent with the policies, ordinances and resolutions enacted by the board. Serve as chair of the board of county commissioners. Vote on all matters before the board. Be responsible for the execution of all contracts and legal documents, but may delegate this authority. Prepare and publish agendas for all meetings of the board and submit the annual budget estimate with a plan of action to meet the needs of the county for adoption by the board. Appoint and dismiss heads of county departments, divisions and other agencies under the jurisdiction of the board except that all such appointments shall be made annually and shall be subject to confirmation by the board. Assure the faithful execution of all ordinances, resolutions and orders of the board and all laws of the state which are subject to enforcement by the county mayor, or by officers who are subject under this Charter to the mayor's direction and supervision. Present annually at a time designated by the board, a "state of the county" message, setting forth programs and recommendations to the board. Supervise the daily activities of employees. Serve as the official representative and ceremonial dignitary for the government of Orange County, with prerogative to issue proclamations. Sign ordinances, resolutions and documents for the board. Call the board into regular and special session, and carry out other powers and duties as required by this Charter or may be prescribed by the board. The salary for this position starts at $127,146.54.

Application Guidelines
In order to be a candidate for this position, please follow these three simple steps: 1) Contact the election administrator (for city positions the city clerk, and for all others, the Orange County Supervisor of Elections) make sure you qualify for the position. Certain positions have residency and other requirements. 2) Fill out the necessary documents, including the Statement of Candidacy (DS-DE 84 form) and Statement of Financial Interests (DS-DE 9 form). Visit the following link to acquire these documents and find out more information regarding your candidacy: 3) In order to be qualified on the ballot, all documents must be physically filled with the Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office located at 119 West Kaley Street Orlando, FL 32806. The filing fee is 3% of the annual salary of the office sought.. The office is open Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 5pm EST. Be mindful about the filing window as it is open for only five consecutive days sometime in June, and the dates vary based on the election date. Please verify your filing window by contacting the Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office at (407) 836-2070 or via email at [email protected]

Submit application to:
Orange County Supervisor of Elections, 123 W. Kaley St, Orlando, Florida, 32806, US