Pendleton County School Board Member, Seat 5

Employer / Organization

Pendleton County School District

Next Election

May 10, 2022

Filing Window

Jan 10, 2022 - Jan 28, 2022


Each West Virginia county school district is under the control of the a Board of Education, which is made up of 5 non-partisan members, nominated and voted by the voters of their respective counties. School board members are responsible for the public schools within their respective counties. There are 55 counties in West Virginia, and there are over 650,000 students K-12 in WV public schools. The Board of Education's responsibilities entails supplying the vision for their school districts, hiring and professional observation of senior level staff for schools, and making budgetary decisions for the district. Candidates for school board can reside anywhere within the county, however, no more than two board members can reside in the same district.

Application Guidelines
To run for a position on a West Virginia school board, follow these three steps. 1) Contact the county elections office to make sure that your address qualifies for the position, and verify the election dates and filing windows. 2) Arrange to pick up the candidate filing papers from the county elections office. This is also a great time to speak with an elections worker about any questions regarding the paperwork. The filing window is from the second Monday in January untl the last Saturday of January during the year the election is held. 3) Submit your paperwork to the county elections office prior to the deadline with the required signatures or filing fee, and you will appear on the ballot. If you have any quetions regarding this procedure, call your county elections office for assistance.

Submit application to:
Pendleton County Supervisor of Elections, 100 South Main Street, Franklin, WV, 26807, US