Cowlitz County Prosecuting Attorney

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Cowlitz County

Next Election

Aug 02, 2022

Filing Window

May 16, 2022 - May 20, 2022


The County Attorney is the chief legal officer for the county they are elected to and they typically hold a great deal of responsibility. County Attorneys prosecute cases that have a state, local, or county violation of the law (they normally are not involved with federal prosecution of cases). County Attorneys provide legal advice for county governmental offices, and County Attorneys typically coordinate with the County Sheriff and other law enforcement agencies regarding the prosecution of crimes. County Attorneys play a significant role in setting the legal tone for the county, and also decide whether or not to prosecute a case, as well as what the specific charges will be against the accused. County Attorneys typically have the authority to decide whether or not to bring a case to a grand jury.

Application Guidelines
The filing window for this Seat begins the Monday two weeks prior to Memorial Day and ends on the Friday of that week (5 days). Candidacy filing papers can be acquired at and are submitted to either the county elections office or the Secretary of State Office in Olympia. For non-partisan offices, if there is only two candidates filed for a Seat they will run against each other in the November election. If more than two candidates file for a non-partisan office, than the non-partisan office will go through the August primary and the top two vote getters will advance to the November election for the seat. For a partisan office, the candidates will run in the August primary even if only two people are participating. This may create scenarios where the same candidates participate for the same seat in the August primary and November election. For any further questions, the Cowlitz County Elections office can be reached at (360) 577-3005 or [email protected], and the Secretary of State Office can be reached at (360) 902-4151 or [email protected] ***Washington is one of the only states with online filing for candidacy. For more information regarding filing online, please see here: